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Second-home owners here, as in Lake Tahoe, value privacy—and they get it. Most Hawk-built homes can't be seen from either the road or from neighboring houses... As much as mountain greenery, and ski access, Hawk is selling service."

--Metropolitan Home Magazine


Hawk is an "exemplary model of careful design with nature. The roads are gravel, parking sites are on pine needles, lights are discreet and unostentatious. The protective covenant assures the investor the privacy of his prime acres..."

--The Christian Science Monitor

Hawk Resort Realty,
      The Official Hawk Resort Real Estate Agency

Located Within The Beautiful Hawk Inn and Mountain Resort

Hawk Resort Realty specializes in Hawk Resort real estate and would love to introduce you to your new community. Whether you are interested in an existing home or the privilege of custom-building your dream house, Hawk Resort real estate is what you've been looking for.

Owning a home within Hawk is a pleasure very few people get to experience. Pride of ownership within this community is at a level above the ordinary.

But owning a home at Hawk is not just about the exquisite quality and beauty of the home construction. And its not just about the abundance of services and amenities offered. The community provides a quality of life you always wanted for your family: opulance, with a sense of down-to-earth beauty and charm.

And, Hawk Resort Realty is more than just a premier real estate agency, we are also your neighbors. We love living here and know the community inside out.

The staff at Hawk Resort Realty is ready to discuss your real estate requirements. Call us right now to set up an appointment.

Mountain Residential Design and
      Construction at Its Best

For more than three decades, Hawk Mountain Resort has maintained an unparalleled position as an internationally recognized leader in mountain residential design and construction. Hawk's persistent dedication to the harmony between man's creation and nature's process is vividly displayed on 1,200 acres of some of the most extraordinary terrain in Vermont , including a seventy-acre riparian nature preserve, forged by both the Black River and a glacier-carved cirque, which hosts both migrating birds and a variety of wildlife year-round. Through this union, Hawk strives to provide a harmony that fosters tranquility in the lives of Hawk residents.

Every Hawk Home is Unique

Each Hawk home site is evaluated separately with regard to cultivating views, ensuring privacy and preserving the natural terrain. Yet only moments away, every conceivable service and amenity of Hawk's world-class Resort remain on beckon call. Thus, privacy and pampered luxury merge to create a special haven—a time and place to let your spirit soar. This is the essence of Hawk ownership that bonds the entire community and makes the Resort distinctive from any other place that Hawk's discriminating owners have ever known.

The Hawk dream was born 37 years ago. Today, Hawk remains dedicated to creating an environment that provides privacy and pleasure in a context of total luxury. Hawk Inn and Mountain Resort in the quaint town of Plymouth is comprised of 123 private mountain villa homes and 45 ledges condominiums & townhouses and a 50-room inn, artfully positioned amid the picturesque Black River Valley landscape.

Your Hawk home is waiting for you right now

For an extensive introduction to our offerings and the many different amenities we have to offer, please contact us today.