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"Although skiers will try to convince you that winter is the best season to visit Hawk, fall offers scenic foliage delights, while spring is a great time to explore the shops in nearby Quechee and Woodstock villages."

--The Boston Sunday Herald

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Okemo Real Estate care free winters
Carefree Vermont Winters

Eight Miles to Okemo or Killington

When you join the Hawk Resort community, you are assured that you have found paradise. Our staff is devoted to your interests and happiness—benefits which simply do not exist in the typical resort community.

Ask any of our staff to sum-up what they do in one sentence, and they will reply, "We take care of your home as if it were our very own." We ensure that your standard of living, while you are at Hawk, is beyond anything you will experience in any other resort community.

All The Joys of Owning nearby Okemo Real Estate are yours. All the work is ours.

The snowy Vermont winters will be a delight for you, never an inconvenience. We keep our roads well-plowed by our fleet of radio-equipped trucks. We'll plow your drive, shovel your walkways and outdoor steps—and even clear-off the deck if the snow piles up too much.

Hawk's private road network is usually in better shape than the town roads
Our Roads Are Kept Well Groomed In Winter

At your request, there's always a big stack of firewood, neatly split, right by your house, and plenty of kindling by the fireplace. An owner never has to worry about putting in screens for the summer or putting the barbecue grill away for the winter. We can do it all for you.

One popular service we provide is advance food shopping. Just give us a grocery list and we'll have the Filet Mignon and Merlot awaiting your arrival.

While you're away, we'll water your houseplants, and prune and fertilize them according to your instructions. When you're here, your eye will tell you how much love we give them. Some owners like to plant a flower box in the spring, and then ask us to keep it up. It's our delight to assist you in all of life's little pleasures.

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Housekeeping As It Was
           Done In The Age of Victoria

All the little details are taken care of
We Take Care of All The Little Details So You Don't Have To

If you wish, a housekeeper will be assigned to your home and will inspect it regularly. Other Property Management personnel do periodic checks to make sure everything is in order and spotless in your home. We also do a routine maintenance review which includes cleaning faucet strainers, tightening knobs, recharging fire extinguishers, checking the hot water heater—our list of necessities and niceties is long and plentiful. You'll find that your housekeeper takes particular satisfaction in maintaining your home exactly the way you want it. Perhaps you favor soft white light bulbs. Or perhaps you always want to see a vase of fresh flowers on the table when you arrive for a visit. You have only to mention a wish to see it become law in your Hawk home.

Rental Options

It is easy to earn rental income with a Hawk home
Earning Rental Income Is
Easy With a Hawk Home

You can earn rental income, minus the bother of rental transactions. Hawk is an award-winning resort known worldwide by sophisticated travelers. If you opt to place your home in the rental program, you can look forward to doing business without doing a lick of work. Your housekeeper prepares your home for every rental and cleans-up afterwards. Therefore, when you visit your home, you won't see any evidence that guests have come and gone. We take responsibility for all the recordkeeping and bookkeeping for you. At the end of the year, you'll have twelve financial statements detailing rental income and expenses—to document the use of your home as a rental business.

We'll also put all of your rental income into an interest-bearing account if you wish; then pay your insurance, taxes, utilities and other expenses out of this fund. And we check over your bills as minutely as if they were our own. If a bill looks unusually high, we'll investigate to find out why.

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And With Guest Services, There's More.
           Much, Much More...

Indoor Outdoor Heated Swimming Pool
Indoor/Outdoor Heated Swimming Pool

Complementing Property Management, the Guest Services group assures that everything is running smoothly during the time you spend at Hawk. We keep the Hawk tennis courts in prime condition. We maintain the Hawk Spa, including year-round indoor and outdoor heated swimming pools, hot tub, sauna, massage and exercise facilities. We make plane reservations for owners and renters, reserve tickets for plays, make reservations at restaurants. We'll be happy to send a chauffeur to pick you up at the airport. Anytime you need a baby-sitter, we will either arrange for one or recommend local people well known to us. We even recommend a rate, so you don't have to wonder what to pay.

Our front desk staff at the Hawk farmhouse reception center is a travel bureau and a concierge—a resource for everything and anything. We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to welcome you to life without a care in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

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Fun For The Whole Family

The lifestyle at Hawk Resort is anything but ordinary
There Is Nothing Ordinary About Life At Hawk

The Hawk Resort lifestyle is about catering to your entire family, with year-round recreation activities. Below is a small sampling of what owners, renters and guests enjoy:

  • Cross-country skiing and snowshoe center with 25K of groomed and ungroomed trails
  • Two skating ponds, lit at night
  • Lake activities, with paddleboats, canoes, rowboats, kayaks, surfbikes
  • Cycling for the entire family. Equipment available includes mountain bikes, touring bikes, hybrid bikes, tandem bikes, children's bikes, children's tow-behind bikes and Segways
  • Tennis courts with lessons and equipment
  • Vast and beautiful hiking trails
  • Archery
  • Award-winning golf courses located within a short drive

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Community Activities to Fit Any Taste
Annual Lobster and Clambake are Part of Summer Activities

Local Attractions

As a member of the Hawk community, you are located right in the heart of the Green Mountain State. Simply stated, that means that you're always within easy reach of the abundance of cultural attractions that occupy Vermont's many small towns and villages. Exploring these quaint little hamlets will provide days of enjoyment, whether your interest be historical, recreational, educational or simply to indulge yourself in some of the best shopping around.

Antiquing is renowned throughout the region, with many a spectacular bargain to be found in the numerous antique barns and country auctions year-round. The area is also endowed with countless charming galleries and shops where treasures await your discovery.

Okemo and Killington ski areas are just a 10 minute drive
Okemo or Killington Ski Areas
Are Just 10 Minutes Away

In the warm weather months, there's summer theater, outdoor concerts, and many excellent restaurants, including The River Tavern, at Hawk, where dining under the stars will bring you closer to understanding the unique nature of our delightful little corner of the world. When the brisk chill of autumn breezes sets the mountains ablaze with brightly colored leaves, it's the perfect time for touring either some of the most beautiful stretches of road in the country, or simply the elegant natural surroundings of Hawk's 1200 acres. And when the snows begin to blanket the terrain, residents and guests strap on their skis and it becomes abundantly clear that Hawk is surrounded by trail-ribboned peaks—Okemo to the south, Killington to the north, and the private Bear Creek Mountain practically across the street.

There is, of course, much more. For more information on all our amenities and the Hawk Resort lifestyle, please contact us.

You Will Never Run Out of Things To Do, Whether At The Resort or Locally
You Will Never Run Out of Things To Do

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